Article 1 Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Examiners
32-2901 Definitions
32-2902 Board of homeopathic and integrated medicine examiners; membership; duties; removal; immunity
32-2903 Board meetings; organization; compensation
32-2904 Powers and duties
32-2905 Executive director; compensation; duties
32-2906 Board of homeopathic and integrated medicine examiners' fund
32-2907 Jurisdiction arbitration panel; members; procedures; duties
Article 2 Licensing
32-2911 Persons and acts not affected by chapter
32-2912 Qualifications of applicant; applications
32-2913 Examination; reexamination
32-2914 Fees
32-2915 Licensure; issuance; duplicate licenses; renewal; continuing education; expiration; cancellation
32-2916 Directory; change of address; civil penalty; fees
32-2917 Locum tenens registration
Article 3 Regulation
32-2931 Violation; classification
32-2932 Use of title or abbreviation by a homeopathic physician
32-2933 Definition of unprofessional conduct
32-2934 Grounds for suspension or revocation of license; duty to report; unprofessional conduct hearing; decision of board
32-2935 Right to examine and copy evidence; summoning witnesses and documents; taking testimony; right to counsel; court aid; process
32-2936 Patient records
32-2937 Judicial review
32-2939 Medical assistants
32-2940 Injunctive relief
32-2941 Substance abuse and treatment rehabilitation program; private contract; funding
Article 4 Dispensing of Drugs and Devices
32-2951 Dispensing drugs and devices; conditions; definition