Board Members

  • Charles Schwengel, DO, DO(H), President
  • Mary Grace Warner-Dunlop, MD, MD(H), Vice President
  • Alan Kennedy, Secretary-Treasurer (Public Member)
  • LaJuana Gillette (Public Member)
  • Vacant - Physician Member
  • Vacant- Physician Member

Members are appointed by the Governor to serve three year terms ending on June 30.
They may not serve more than three consecutive terms, but may continue to serve until that member's replacement takes office.  If you would like additional information regarding the application process please contact Ryan D. Peters, Boards and Commissions, Office of the Governor, Ninth Floor, 1700 West Washington, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. (602)-542-2449.  An application form is available on their website at the following link:


Board Member

Initial Appointment Date Term Expiration Date
LaJuana Gillette  1/10/2014 6/30/2016
Dr. Charles Schwengel  6/30/2014 6/30/2017
Dr Mary Grace Warner-Dunlop  6/30/2013 6/30/2016
Alan R. Kennedy  7/24/2009 6/30/2018